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Aviko Pom 'Duchesse

Ingredients potatoes, sunflower oil, salt, onion powder, stabilizer (E 464), dextrose, spices, emulsifier (E 471)
Description Aviko Pom 'Duchesse are made of lightly spiced puree, with a crispy coating. Convenient to stock and it can be prepared in the oven or fryer. Delicious, easy and fast. They are made ​​from specially selected potatoes in a composite oil with at least 80% unsaturated fats. This has a favorable effect on the cholesterol level.

Product details

Airfryer ---
Deep fryer 175°C 3-5 min
Grill ---
Microwave ---
Oven 220°C 15-20 min
Pan ---
Pot ---
Nutritional value per 100 grams
Allergens no
Carbohydrates 21,5
Fat 5
Kilojoules 615 kJ
Kilo Calories 145 kcal
Proteins 2,5
Information about product
Article Number 803348
Carton EAN-Code 8710449913725
EAN-Code Foil 8710449913633
Shelf life 730 days
Weight per piece ---
Cartons per layer 9
Cartons per pallet 72
Content per carton 10
Layers per pallet 8
Package Contents 0,750 kg
Pallet Dimensions 187 cm

Mamma Mia! Mama's Fries!

Natural taste! Skin on! Like typical "home-made" product. This is Mama's Fries - new Aviko product.
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50 years of Aviko!

2012 saw us celebrate an amazing 50 years in the business, a huge milestone marking half a century of innovation and endeavour. The company has been transformed since 1962 from a small co-operative of 32 farmers, growing to become a European leader and one of the four largest potato processors in the world.